Inner Game Tapping

Unleashing The Confident Pick-Up Artist Within You,
using Emotional Freedom Techniques

"I noticed some days after that my mind was thinking with a clarity i hadn't experienced in a long time, and I became more confident in social situations than in an even longer time." - Andrew C, Birmingham

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Inner Game Tapping

I've hung out on workshops with the best - Real Social Dynamics, Mystery Method, Badboy Lifestyle, Pick Up 101, Charisma Arts, even Neil Strauss - and there was one thing I always noticed - the students often had a POWERFUL PHOBIA OF WOMEN.

Many of them had severe Approach Anxiety, mostly because they were afraid of being rejected. Some of them were even afraid of having SUCCESS!

On a workshop, a good instructor doesn't give you time to think. He'll pump you up with confidence and push you into a set. Before you know it you're enjoying the moment and you forget how you felt in the first place. EVENTUALLY, you learn that it's actually fun talking to women.

But a lot of guys find that a few weeks after the workshop this effect wears off. That's because their inner voice starts up again. "You're interrupting their conversation", "She'll tell you to fuck off", "She likes you! You'll have a relationship and she'll break your heart like the last girl did!"

In fact, if you ask many instructors off the record, they'll tell you they still get Approach Anxiety. They still hear the negative inner voice, they still feel a pounding in their chest before the first set of the night. They've just learned to push through it, and that takes a lot of discipline and willpower.

Tapping Makes It Easy To
Your Negative Inner Voice

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