Inner Game Tapping

Unleashing The Confident Pick-Up Artist Within You,
using Emotional Freedom Techniques

"It was an exciting and motivating session and I'm looking forward to working with Magnus again on other areas of my life. I highly recommend it." - Tom (London Seduction Society VIP)

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"If you have something bad to say about us, tell us.
If you have something good to say - tell everyone!"

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Sebastian (The Approach)
"I could see your clients getting better quite literally by the minute in the eye contact drill. And eye contact is one of those skills where it can be hard to leave a lasting difference on a guy."

Sloal, London
"By working on all these other areas of my life, removing all the bad affirmations that led me to smoke over the last few months, I have realised that I had inadvertantly removed my perceived need to smoke."

Matthew M, Southampton
"Overall I was so much more relaxed than usual... I did not have a negative thought in my head."

Rich P, Bristol
"All in all some definite observable changes, even after one session. I will definitely be attending another. Thanks Magnus, and we won't mention the Transexual."

Andrew C, Birmingham
"I noticed some days after that my mind was thinking with a clarity i hadn't experienced in a long time, and I became more confident in social situations than in an even longer time."

Yuri T, Florida
"It helps me to live better happier life and helps in sarging. Which is good - more puss for me!"

Friedrich, Madrid
"This EFT technique actually did it for me! ...that night I really noticed the change: suddenly I had the balls to open even difficult sets. I approached seated sets, moving sets, mixed sets, challenges I had never ever tried before. "

Kahuna, London
"This method is quite impressive to say the least... I really recommend that people try this technique."

Tribulus (Dallas Lair)
In other words, getting your "house" in order is more important than running game. Wow. And you can still work on the community skills. So why not clear up any issues you have first?

Billionaire (The Austin Society)
"I got laid the very next week... If I could go back to the first moment I had learned about the game, tapping is the absolute, number one thing I would have done first"

Tom (London Seduction Society VIP)
"It was an exciting and motivating session and I'm looking forward to working with Magnus again on other areas of my life. I highly recommend it."

Kiko, London
"After 2 hours I feel a dark cloud has lifted for sure... I will eagerly see what the next few days has in store... for a free consultation I was amazed of the effect of tapping."

Aidan, Australia
I actually now enjoy the process of meeting new girls, and I now use tapping for all aspects in my life... This has made me feel lighter emotionally and has helped me not take things too seriously.

Green Eyes, London
If you want positivity, abundance and happiness in your life, this is one of the very best books on the subject. It puts you on the path to achieve those goals.

Dade, London
I felt the book covered all the major bases in using tapping to enhance one's life. I was up most of last night reading and tapping away negative emotions.