Inner Game Tapping

Unleashing The Confident Pick-Up Artist Within You,
using Emotional Freedom Techniques

"It helps me to live better happier life and helps in sarging. Which is good - more puss for me!" - Yuri T, Florida

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Dade, London

I felt the book covered all the major bases in using tapping to enhance one's life. I was up most of last night reading and tapping away negative emotions.

I've just finished Magnus' brand-spankingly-new ebook - a great read! Very insightful: "Tap Yourself Free".

I've been for several one-on-ones with Magnus in the past and have had tangible results. Initially when Magnus first told me about EFT I had been skeptical but went along with it anyway. I have the philosophy of first trying things out that may assist in my development before writing them off. I base my judgement on the results I do or don't experience.

The most noticeable change in any feeling I have is whilst tapping on the 'chin meridian'... or what ever it's supposed to be called. Like clockwork I'll experience a sensation of well-being begin to flood the region of my stomach. Psycho-sematic? I wouldn't know. Consistent? Absolutely... as I said 'like clockwork'.

Anyhow, having met with Magnus, attended several of his workshops as well as benefitting from his tapping videos I already had a working knowledge of how and where to tap. I was slightly worried his book would go over what I already knew.

Thank God it didn't. It takes the assumption that readers already have some knowledge of tapping/EFT (he does briefly cover a few bases... though some of the diagrams of the meridians are insightful). Also there are downloads that go with the book - the tapping workbook and guide for any beginners I guess. In the book, Magnus refers to his free videos for further instruction (as well as a plethora of other sources anyone can go to to geek-out on, if they want more info/research/evidence).

I felt the book covered all the major bases in using tapping to enhance one's life. It also drew on Magnus' experience of hundreds of hours of consulting with hundreds of people in using tapping for self-improvement. This is what I especially found fascinating - reading about breakthroughs that other people have had with tapping! The results... tangible results!

The book is bloody well written and gets to the point without any time or space-wasting fluff. A good 134 pages of down-to-earth value.

I was up most of last night reading and tapping away negative emotions as I found them surfacing whilst making my way through the material and identifying with some of the examples in the book. I reckon the material gives a good idea of where anyone looking to further improve themselves can start and progressively work on all areas of life or pick and choose as issues might come up for them.

Great ebook! Cheers Magnus! Good karma to you matey.