Inner Game Tapping

Unleashing The Confident Pick-Up Artist Within You,
using Emotional Freedom Techniques

"I got laid the very next week... If I could go back to the first moment I had learned about the game, tapping is the absolute, number one thing I would have done first" - Billionaire (The Austin Society)

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Kahuna, London

"This method is quite impressive to say the least... I really recommend that people try this technique."

Well, I have definitely had an improvement since the session last night. I approached an HB7.5 in the park today at lunch and while I still had some anxiety, it was greatly reduced. Pity she only spoke Spanglish! I would say it's at about 30% of what it was yesterday.

I will say that my brain is feeling scrambled today. I have tried the reset point on the back of my hand and the cross legged arm twist thing, but am still having trouble getting centred. Any tips Magnus? I am going to do a meditation session when I get home as I really feel like I need it!

I am very much looking forward to next Thurs. This method is quite impressive to say the least and I really want to learn to use it more efficiently and address whatever side effects I am having today.

It was good to meet a few of you guys and a big thanks to Magnus for teaching this great tool.


So Magnus contacted me yesterday to help me deal with the scrambled issue. He told me to just tap the scramble! I said it was like a fog in my mind. His solution......TAP IT!

Thanks for taking the time to talk me through this small hurdle Magnus, I really appreciate it.

I really recommend that people try this technique.