Inner Game Tapping

Unleashing The Confident Pick-Up Artist Within You,
using Emotional Freedom Techniques

If you want positivity, abundance and happiness in your life, this is one of the very best books on the subject. It puts you on the path to achieve those goals. - Green Eyes, London

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Kahuna, London

"This method is quite impressive to say the least... I really recommend that people try this technique."

Well, I have definitely had an improvement since the session last night. I approached an HB7.5 in the park today at lunch and while I still had some anxiety, it was greatly reduced. Pity she only spoke Spanglish! I would say it's at about 30% of what it was yesterday.

I will say that my brain is feeling scrambled today. I have tried the reset point on the back of my hand and the cross legged arm twist thing, but am still having trouble getting centred. Any tips Magnus? I am going to do a meditation session when I get home as I really feel like I need it!

I am very much looking forward to next Thurs. This method is quite impressive to say the least and I really want to learn to use it more efficiently and address whatever side effects I am having today.

It was good to meet a few of you guys and a big thanks to Magnus for teaching this great tool.


So Magnus contacted me yesterday to help me deal with the scrambled issue. He told me to just tap the scramble! I said it was like a fog in my mind. His solution......TAP IT!

Thanks for taking the time to talk me through this small hurdle Magnus, I really appreciate it.

I really recommend that people try this technique.