Inner Game Tapping

Unleashing The Confident Pick-Up Artist Within You,
using Emotional Freedom Techniques

"I noticed some days after that my mind was thinking with a clarity i hadn't experienced in a long time, and I became more confident in social situations than in an even longer time." - Andrew C, Birmingham

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Matthew M, Southampton

"Overall I was so much more relaxed than usual... I did not have a negative thought in my head."

Sunday was the first night I went out since doing your EFT workshop. Overall I was so much more relaxed than usual. My friends could not believe how laid back and happy I was. The effects of EFT also showed in my interactions with women. I did not have a negative thought in my head. Even when I was harshly frozen out by a three set of 8s, I just turned to my wings and laughed my arse off for about 5 minutes. I did not lose the great state I was and carried on talking to people. Overall I can highly recommend your EFT workshop.

Matthew M, Southampton