Inner Game Tapping

Unleashing The Confident Pick-Up Artist Within You,
using Emotional Freedom Techniques

"By working on all these other areas of my life, removing all the bad affirmations that led me to smoke over the last few months, I have realised that I had inadvertantly removed my perceived need to smoke." - Sloal, London

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Matthew M, Southampton

"Overall I was so much more relaxed than usual... I did not have a negative thought in my head."

Sunday was the first night I went out since doing your EFT workshop. Overall I was so much more relaxed than usual. My friends could not believe how laid back and happy I was. The effects of EFT also showed in my interactions with women. I did not have a negative thought in my head. Even when I was harshly frozen out by a three set of 8s, I just turned to my wings and laughed my arse off for about 5 minutes. I did not lose the great state I was and carried on talking to people. Overall I can highly recommend your EFT workshop.

Matthew M, Southampton