Inner Game Tapping

Unleashing The Confident Pick-Up Artist Within You,
using Emotional Freedom Techniques

"I noticed some days after that my mind was thinking with a clarity i hadn't experienced in a long time, and I became more confident in social situations than in an even longer time." - Andrew C, Birmingham

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Rich P, Bristol

"All in all some definite observable changes, even after one session. I will definitely be attending another. Thanks Magnus, and we won't mention the Transexual."

It was excellent. This session was on approaching and escalating, and I noticed worthwhile improvements in both areas.

I think I definitely ironed out a few remaining negative beliefs I had around approaching. I'm going to do some more work myself directed at approaching on the train, and approaching with non-PU friends.

Magnus told us that EFT is a tool for destroying negative beliefs and emotional blocks, and I witnessed this first hand. It's an effective tool in the quest for "neutral" inner game, i.e. having nothing holding you back from your goals. You still need to practice and field-test to develop the understandings and patterns of behaviour that make up effective outer-game, but EFT seems to make the whole process quicker and less of a struggle.

He talked about the theory behind EFT and a little bit about why it works, which was fascinating stuff. I have a clear idea of how to now apply it myself to other issues, both PU and non-PU related.


I went straight out into the field after, and I could feel the difference. In LQ/clubs I could approach competently before, but I'd still tense up a little somewhat, or get nervous pangs for the first few sets, but just raise my state above it. After the workshop I had literally NONE of these. I felt very calm and "familiar" even with my warmup sets.

We walked straight into a semi-empty bar with 2 girls dancing surrounded by couches with serious-looking "straight-from-work" types... I had no qualms about busting in high energy, rolling out the dancemoves, twirling the girls, etc. I mean I could have done this before, but INTERNALLY I would have felt some nervousness and muscle tension. This time nothing.

My escalation was also easier too. I didn't realise at the time, but we venue changed a hot 2-set and k-closed in On-anon, and my k-close was smooooth... Not much difference in terms of technical game, but I just didn't have the internal nervous pang I'd sometimes get in these situations.

Incidentally, I had two girls virtually try and rape me last night. I was opened by a HOT drunk blonde 9 on the street who was pretty much grabbing my dick after 2 minutes. Zartan and I were amused by her textbook attempts to game... I felt like a HB!. Unfortunately she was dragged off by an AMOG friend while she was trying to kiss me. She was literally struggling with all her might against him to get back to me. "NOOOO I WANT the guy in the BLUE T-SHIRT!!!" Hilarious to watch. REALLY trying to wrestle her way back to me... haha.

She broke free just long enough to kiss me on the lips before being dragged off once again

Another girl on LQ ( a 6 at best) forcibly thrust her tongue down my throat. I literally could not escape. It wasn't pretty.

I think EFT helped in the following way: Even though we didn't do enough sets to get the momentum rolling and get fully in the zone, I felt totally calm approaching/being opened, and didn't need to "push through". This is a big goal of mine; being sociable & able to game ALL THE TIME without needing a couple of hours opening sets to get my state sky-high. It's early days but I definitely think the tapping helped with that.

All in all some definite observable changes, even after one session. I will definitely be attending another. Thanks Magnus, and we won't mention the Transexual.

Rich P, Bristol