Inner Game Tapping

Unleashing The Confident Pick-Up Artist Within You,
using Emotional Freedom Techniques

"I noticed some days after that my mind was thinking with a clarity i hadn't experienced in a long time, and I became more confident in social situations than in an even longer time." - Andrew C, Birmingham

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Tribulus (Dallas Lair)

In other words, getting your "house" in order is more important than running game. Wow. And you can still work on the community skills. So why not clear up any issues you have first?

The following is a review of the Inner Game Tapping Workshop done by Magnus of Bristol Lair.

This is not for everyone. Tapping is a New Agey thing that takes away you negative beliefs and negative emotions through a process of tapping the fingers over meridian points. It is loosely based around the concepts of Chinese Medicine.

The following is only a review of how I saw things. It is only a review.

If you disagree with the premise behind words on a computer screen, you don't have to keep reading. Just click the back button on your browser and go back to the main message board. I will only express my own opinions and I make no claim of expertise nor do I fully endorse the method.

If you are interested in Tapping, please go to


We met Magnus at a Club House in Austin. GameTrane of the Austin Society lives in the same appartment complex. So several of the members of the Austin Society were present. It was nice to see some of these guys again. I had met them almost a year ago. I recognized some faces. These guys are still some of the coolest guys I've met since I've been in the Game. We also had some Austin Sociey guys who are part of the Dallas Lair there too. So its all good.

Magnus described some of the basics and philosophy behind Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Basically, its like people hold negative emotions in their bodies. If you've ever felt fear on approach, or felt anger in your midsection or had the "butterflies". This is the type of muscular tension and relaxation we are describing. Negative emotions are stored in the nervous system. Whenever similar situation occurs, the negative emotion is triggered as well. Sometimes these can persist in absence of the thing that originally set off the emotion. These can manifest also themselves as negative beliefs as the brain makes connections that X=pain or will lead to pain.

Changing Belief Systems

Magnus made the analogy of imagining a picture on a wall. If we are told it is a boat, then we can accept this. If we are then told that its not a boat but a car, then we can easily accept the change as well. But if we have some emotion associated to that imagine, then we are less likely to accept the change. Somehow the brain thinks that it is more important to hold onto the other image.

So beliefs work in the same way and are sometimes in our way.

Even though the community helps us to change our behaviors, we are doing little to affect the negative beliefs and associations in our nervous systems. Thus we cannot break through to the lives we truely desire.

Tapping to the Rescue

Tapping changes the feelings associated to ideas. In effect, it resets the nervous system to not react. Where once the nervous energy got trapped as a standing wave, it is now free. The idea can be expressed freely.

Its analogous to the picture that I told you was a car. Its now waterfall. You can make this change in your mind because your brain does not believe your life depends on that picture being a car.

This is my poor man's explanation of Tapping, belief systems and negative emotional energy. For more on this, please visit and

We did around 100 rounds of this on Saturday, starting with basic self acceptance ideas, tapping on how we felt, describing our emotions and experiences.


Just before lunch, I started to get hungry. Normally when this happens, I'll go eat. Since we couldn't leave, we tried tapping it away. To my suprise, it worked. My hunger was the result of some nervous energy.

When we actually did go to lunch, I was not really that hungry. I did eat anyway.

So it did work.

Oneitis Resolved

Then after lunch, we were going over what stops you from being the man you really want to be?' ' What stops you from being proud of yourself?'

My thoughts drifted to a oneitis girl. Then another. Then another. Finally I came to the girl that brought me into the community. My "one that got away".

I began to get hot for some reason. My whole body heated up as if I had a fever. My stomach was queezy and I felt like I wanted to vomit.

Deeper and deeper we went....I kept bringing up situations in my mind in which I was interacting with her and not proud of myself. In the past, I would see when she got me into a sport and how I tried to beat her at it or how when she would throw signals at me, I would ignore them.

All of this made me uncomfortable. The emotions were definitely welled up somewhere in my mind.

Magnus kept going. At one point I think he saw me. He said "Some of you look aweful, I am going to keep going." And he did. I felt myself getting really hot again and we took a break.

I told him I had a fever and I might have to leave. He thought about it and I could tell he thought it might be the tapping. We did an exercise to open the Chakras. And it didn't go away immediately, but later the heat and the queeziness disappeared.

It was the Tapping that brought it up afterall.

I am very grateful for this particular thing. I went from feeling like she was the reason I had to become a PUA to feeling like I am free from a horrible oneitis experience.

If you've ever had a crush on someone, you know how painful it can be.

This was a really good for me. Another way of looking at this is that I was using energy to keep this feeling going. I kept feeling upset about it. Think how much emotional currency I have to spend to keep feeling bad about someone or some situation. Its better to let it go. Which is what I did.

It may not be completely gone but Tapping at it definitely helped me.

We also did an eye contact exercise, being in a great state in the field and approach anxiety on Saturday.


Sunday was much like Saturday but we talked about and tapped "your ideal girl" and what stops you from being with her. We did a really cool exercise with this.

We talked about and tapped your turn offs with the girls you meet.

We tapped on our negative feelings towards women. Particularly oneitis's, ex-'s, girlfriends, friends, mothers. Since I had already experienced alot of this on Saturday, my mind searched for other girls I had known in my life.

We talked briefly about uncomfortable feelings around sex and also did some tapping on success and what is stopping you from being the guy you want to be.


To those who missed this workshop, you missed a great opportunity to get in touch with your inner game. At one point, Magnus had a drawing on a dry-erase board and on it was a man and a woman. Arrows coming from her represented negative beliefs that you have. Arrows going to her represented your natural game. Other arrows represented "community acquired" skills.

Interesting to me was his philosophy was that the arrows representing negative beliefs would eventually mess up your game and that the community skills did not outweigh them in the end.

In other words, getting your "house" in order is more important than running game. Wow. And you can still work on the community skills. So why not clear up any issues you have first?

I would suggest that you take this workshop. It is eye-opening and original and can do nothing but help. It is a little new-agey. But its definitely worth it.